Friday, April 26, 2013

Day 6 - Flash Mob in Maribor

Last evening we met in the Conference Room for the Closing Ceremony of the Games. We started by giving an evalution of the different games played during the week and what we learned. Afterwards they announced the winners and how the teams did. The winning team was Happy Hippy Land with just 3 points more than GEOS FM. The winners were awarded with a massage each and a bottle of Slovenian white wine and chocolate.

After the ceremony we went to the 90s Party organised in Cezam Club. In fact all the participants were wearing 90s clothes.

Friday started with a presentation of the MvA project during which the speaker explained all the details on Youth in Action projects and EVS. After this presentation another Workshop started were Tina and Jovana prepared a pesentation on human rights. Games were organised on this subject in which we discussed different words which are related to human rights.

After the lunch break we went to Maribor. There we had a tour prepared by a guide which we all really liked. He told us a lot of interesting facts about the city in a funny way so we will never forget them. 

We prepared for the Flash Mob by applying make up to represent our countries. We went to Castle Square and we started the Flash Mob. It was really fun and we believe that it was a success. We had some free time to go around the city and some of us used this time to visit the St. John's Church Tower in Martin Anton Slomsek Square, the wine museum, or try the Green beer.

It was a wonderful day!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Five shades of green - DAY 5

After a great night in Maribor and some more partying in elevator (and garage) we decided to wake up. We started our fifth day in Ruše with rehearsals for Flash Mob and because of a really sunny day we got a lot of sunburned.

It was the last day of the games. First was the dangerous Romanian game called Turtca. The winners are more lucky than the others. I have to say that the green team showed an amazing passion to the sport, good technique and a big potential for being a world champions in that game. But we did not have a lot of luck.

We continued with the Bulgarian games that included jumping, more jumping, and a lot of questions and jumping. We (Kurt) knew all of the answers. We had a chance to show people that not only we are great sportsmen, we are also very intelligent.

After lunch we had the battle called palla prigioniera. Because of the sun that was shining right into our eyes we could not see the ball very clearly so we managed to win just two games. But everyone agreed that we were the best.

It is evening and we are eager to get to the 90's party. So we are in a hurry.

NB !!!!!!!!!! Remember - take care and eat brocoli! Every day.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Day 4

Last night we had Malta and Bulgaria introduced us their country and cuisine, offering us some typical foods and drinks, like rakia and kinnie. The Bulgarians surprised us with a folkloristic dance which involved all of us. We had a lot of fun!
Today the sun has been the king of the sky, there wasn't any cloud to contrast it.
With its light it turned on all the beautiful spring colors of the nature giving us the impression to live in a realistic painting.
Through our short bus trip from Ruše to the Drava center we could admire the hundred shadows of green of trees and grass on the hills and mountains which surround us, wonderful pink, yellow and white flowers, all framed by a blue and clean sky.
Once arrived at the Drava center the competition got started.
In the first game we had to carry the coca-cola boxes with a wheelbarrow. The second game consisted in hitting 6 nails into a wood, one for each team member.
For the third game we became fishermans as we had to catch wooden fish.
Then we had to go canoeing, unfortunaltely the canoe of The Republic Of The Red Roses sank and they had to swim a little.

In the fifth game we had to carry eachother with a wheelbarrow and transport some water from the lake to a bucket. This one was our favorite game, because our "country", the Siber, won it!
Finally, after some free time, we had a treasure hunt, in order to discover the Slovenian treasure, ten questions about Slovenia, to learn something about the country that hosts us.
After the last game we came back to the hotel and had a nice lunch. Then we had a lot of free time to discover the surroundings.

Tonight we're going to enjoy a Slovenian and Rumenian national dinner and an Erasmus party!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Day 3

After a really fun night some of us woke up in a good mood for new challenges. After breakfast we started the day with a flashmoob practice workshop for our big performance. A bit late we went to playground where we compete in Malta and Estonian games.

The Maltese game was hard for the man with a big foot, but it was also a challenege to maintain your balance.

The Estonian game envolved a lot of teamwork and coordination and we really liked it very much becouse Happy hippy land won it, again.

After a great lunch with full stomachs we sloooowly came to the swimming pool. We had some free time to play around and have fun and then we started with the next part of the slovenian games. In the first game we had to swim the whole pool lenght with water wings and somehow transfer different sport objects to the other side. And we won again :)

 We practiced diving in the other game, where we had to dive for the dates an connect them with simbols by the pool.

We really enjoyed the time in the pool, where we played ball together and after that drank a lot of wine and eat serbian čevapi for dinner. Now we are looking forward for the next international dinner from Malta and Bulgaria and also another long night.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Day 2

We started the day with an energizer with a lot of fun :-)

After the energizer, the Games are opened and Nina presented the concept and the rules of Know the Games.

We had a short break and then we went to the playground where the firemen were waiting for us.They prepared firemen games. We were divided in teams where the team with the best time won. After the firemen game we can use the fire extinguishers by ourselves.

After the game we had lunch and then we came back to the playground for 2 Slovenian games.
In the first game, "On the road with a strong man " we were 6 from each team and we had to carry 3 bags, each bag had a different weight, through the border to the finish line and back so the other 2 could run with the other bag. The fastest team won the game. 

In the second game, "Grandma recipe", we were 5 from each team. 2 of us had to stay in the kitchen to prepare the ingredients for another 2 to carry without their hands to the person sitting at the end of the playground. This person was waiting for the right ingredients so he could start eating the cake.
We had a lot of fun during the game, and it started raining on our way to the hotel.

While we are writing this post the Italian team and Estonian team are preparing for their cultural evening.
Yummy! :-)

We will let you know how it was tomorrow! ;-) 
Have a nice night! from the BLUE team !

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Day 1

First of all- we are glad to be here! The nature is fantastic, we love the mountains! Hotel is very beautiful and has comfy pillows :P We started with an energizer and moved on with making up with new countries- our own fictionary countries. It turned on our imaginations and now, we can proudly presenet: The Republic of the Red Roses, Siber, Sibrem, Happy Hippy Land, Brocolandia and Geos FM. All the flags decorate our dining room now :)

Then there was a lecture- what we all should know about eating. 1000 years ago the nature decided what we could eat, but today we have to decide ourselves.
After lunch we really had to sweat a little (or a lot!) on the playground. Some played basketball and some volleyball. It became pretty intense :)
Suddenly there were these 2 guys who showed us how to become strong! It was exhausting, but we know that it was good for us. Some thought that the guys should have taken their shirts off- more fun for the girls and motivation for the boys ;) So in the end we were tired, but with smiles on our faces.

Now we are waiting for the movie :)
PS! The giftbags were really nice- thanks!

Saturday, April 20, 2013


The day of arrivals went by really quickly. Even though it was a bit hectic and we had some changes it was fun. Beginnings are always exciting. The expectations of something new  new people, new cultures new activities  have to bring you a smile on your face. And we had some surprises too. During the dinner there was a birthday party at the hotel so everybody was able to enjoy some traditional Slovene music and atmosphere.

The arrivals started early in the day so we spent the morning and afternoon picking up people in Maribor and driving them to Ruše. Besides that we were arranging the last details for our activities. Our group was fulfilled at around eleven in the evening when the last group – Estonians arrived. We’ve finished the day toasting to a great week in sLOVEnia at the party in CEZAM club near our hotel Veter. Even though we’ve went to bed quite late we are sure we will be full of the energy tomorrow when the program will begin with workshops about sport and healthy lifestyle.


Let the Games begin!